Mix Between A Great Dane And Cane Corso Dog

Italian Daniff Dog Breed Facts and Information
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If you are looking for a designer dog mix, then look no further. The Cane Corso mix with Great Dane is the perfect breed for you! This hybrid has all the best features of both breeds with few of their downsides. Cane Corso Italians are big but can be quite gentle and calm while Great Dane’s have an outgoing personality that makes them hyperactive at times.

This blog post will cover everything that you need to know about this new breed including how they got their name, what they look like, and why it might be the right choice for your family!


Black Cane Corso Mix With Great Dane Dog Lying On The Floor

Even though both parent breeds are known for their mild temperaments, it’s important to remember that no mixed breed dog can be guaranteed to inherit specific personality traits or physical attributes from either parent.

-When you are considering getting a cross between two types of purebred dogs, do your research! Ensure that both the Great Dane and Cane Corso mixes are healthy by taking into account that they come from parents who are also generally healthy pets. If possible, speak to other owners about whether or not the cross has developed any concerning habits. 

The majority of crossbreeds share similar characteristics with both purebred parents. For example, the mix between a Great Dane and a Cane Corso is generally very large, but it also tends to be relaxed rather than aggressive.

-In most cases, the mix between the two parent breeds will generally behave in much the same way as either one or both of its parents depending on how well they were raised by their owners! However,

-It’s important to remember that although both parent breeds are known for their mild temperaments and affectionate natures, the offspring cannot guarantee these qualities unless they were raised with them from a young age!

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Cane Corso Mix With Great Dane Appearance

Cane Corso Mix With Great Dane Dog Facts And Information

The Italian Daniff is a medium to large dog breed that has similar colors and markings to the Great Dane. They are known for their short hair coats, which can either be sparse or dense depending on what type of coat they inherit from their parents. Their ears, tail, chest, and muzzle all have black spots along with white patches, which are small or large. The breadth of their chest is far wider than that of the Great Dane and is more similar to the Cane Corso Italiano.

Cane Corso With Great Dane Mix Size And Grooming

The Italian Daniff has a height of 35 – 36 inches and weighs between 115 lbs to 130 lbs making them quite large! Their coat is short so he rarely sheds. It requires very little care but he can be brushed every few days to keep his fur shining and remove any loose hairs. Your dog’s teeth must be clean and healthy. If you don’t, it can lead to different problems like tartar and plaque buildup which leads to bad breath. Not only will it give him bad breath, but it might also cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Clean your dogs ears as well. Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly is good for his overall health as his ears contain a lot of bacteria. Just take a moist cloth with soap and water and wipe the inside part of the ear flap so there won’t be any dirt left in it.


Health problems such as hip dysplasia often occur among the offspring of mixed breed dogs. This is because the genes inherited from one parent are often not similar enough to have a protective impact against various hereditary conditions. This Italian Daniff also has a long life expectancy of around 12 years.

Italian Daniff Activity And Training Requirements

It is important to train your Italian Daniff, especially when they are young. As puppies, you want to establish boundaries and rules that will help them grow into well-behaved adults. This breed has a personality that can be stubborn at times so it’s important not to yell or punish the dog. Be consistent when training your Italian Daniff and they will be more likely to understand what you are trying to teach them.

Italian Daniffs love open spaces so it is important that the dog has room in their home for running around before taking them on long walks or runs. If an Italian Daniff does not get enough exercise, they will become destructive and difficult to handle. It is important to take your Italian Daniff dog on walks or runs several times a day in order for them stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Cane Corso History

Close up cane corso dog

The cane Corso originates from Rome where it was used for protection, fighting, and hunting activities. The Cane Corso was also referred to by other names such as Italian Mastiff or Italian Dogo. It is believed that this dog breed has existed since Roman times like the Neapolitan Mastiff which goes back to 500 B.C. During these early periods, Roman soldiers were known to capture wild animals while keeping their dogs on leashes.

Great Dane History

The Great Dane breed is a dog that originated from Germany. It was bred for hunting purposes and used as a boarhound. Back then, the German boar hounds weighed up to 100-120 lbs which meant they were larger than today’s standard of this breed. The name “great Danes” came about because the original dogs were bigger compared to other dogs. However, their weight has been standardized based on the American Kennel Club classification system where the males should be at 28-32 inches tall while females are expected to be 26-28 inches high. These classifications depend on your pet’s gender as well as its parents’ breed.

Conclusion: Italian Daniffs are a perfect mix of the Cane Corso and Great Dane. If you want to have a designer dog but don’t know what type, then this is the perfect choice for you! It has all the best features from both breeds without many of their downsides. I hope that after reading about these dogs, your family will be eager to get one ASAP because they’re just too cute not to love them!


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