Are Cane Corsos Born Hunters? Exploring Their Hunting Instincts

Cane Corso Hunting: What Makes This Breed a Natural Born Tracker?
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The modern-day Cane Corso is probably distinct from its predecessors. Recent breeding practices have led to a slight mellowing of the breed, primarily to meet the growing demand for a family-friendly companion.

Within this article, we have gathered essential details about the Cane Corso’s temperament, attitude, and physical capabilities, aimed at assisting prospective owners in determining if the breed is suitable for hunting purposes.

So is the cane corso hunting dog?

Indeed, the Cane Corso is indeed a hunting dog. With its substantial size and strength, it is well-equipped to tackle large prey. Furthermore, the breed’s intelligence and loyalty contribute to its ease of training, making it a suitable choice for hunting activities. The Cane Corso’s temperament is particularly well-suited for hunting purposes, making it a top contender for those seeking a breed for this type of work.

What do hunting dogs do?

Hunting dogs serve several purposes in the realm of hunting activities. Firstly, they are trained to locate, track, and retrieve game, and this role is often fulfilled by breeds like the German Shorthaired Pointer, Brittany Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, and Golden Retriever.

In addition to tracking and retrieving, some hunting dogs may also be tasked with capturing and immobilizing larger prey, either by restraining or holding them down, and in some cases, even killing the prey. While this form of hunting was more prevalent in the past, it may still be practiced in certain regions.


The Cane Corso has a historical background as a hunting dog in Italy and various parts of Europe. It was primarily employed for hunting wild boar, deer, and other sizable game, as well as for tracking wounded animals. Its temperament, combining calmness and attentiveness outdoors with energy and focus during hunting, makes it well-suited for such tasks. The cane corso’s keen sense of smell and intelligence, along with its size, strength, and endurance, further contribute to its effectiveness as a hunting dog.

The origins of the Cane Corso date back to ancient Greece, where it was bred to be a large and versatile dog capable of hunting, guarding, and protecting both livestock and humans. Historical evidence, including paintings from the Renaissance period, indicates its usage in hunting boar and other large game during that time. The breed gained popularity throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and found favor among political and military leaders in the Ancient Roman Empire. In more recent history, the Cane Corso played a role in World War II for tracking and capturing enemy soldiers.

In modern times, the Cane Corso continues to serve as a working dog in various capacities, including personal protection, search and rescue, law enforcement, and hunting. Its rich history and inherent skills make it a reliable and adaptable companion in different demanding roles.

Hunting Is In The Cane Corso’s Nature And History

Indeed, hunting is deeply ingrained in the nature and history of the Cane Corso breed. Originally bred to protect livestock and families, historical evidence suggests that they were also valued as hunting dogs, especially due to their lineage as descendants of the Roman Molossus.

The Cane Corso’s hunting abilities encompassed various roles, such as being an excellent pointer and retriever of birds and prey mammals. Moreover, their size, strength, and pain threshold allowed them to engage in combat with formidable game like boars and other large prey.

Even in contemporary times, many hunters continue to rely on the Cane Corso for hunting purposes, particularly in pack hunting scenarios alongside other breeds like Plott Hounds. The breed’s size and strength make it a favorable choice for this type of work, particularly when hunting large game.

Cane Corso were used to hunt preditors

In addition to hunting game, the Cane Corso was also utilized to hunt dangerous predators such as wolves and bears. Its substantial size and powerful bite force, measuring around 700lbs PSI, made it adept at confronting and either scaring off or neutralizing these formidable animals.

Furthermore, farmers found the Cane Corso valuable for hunting prey in their fields, thanks to its strong prey drive, speed, and agility, which made it well-suited for such tasks.

In recent years, the Cane Corso has even been employed by law enforcement agencies as a hunting dog to apprehend violent criminals and assailants, highlighting its versatility and adaptability in various working roles.

The Cane Corso As An Ideal Hunting And Protection Dog

Absolutely, the Cane Corso’s versatility extends beyond hunting capabilities, making it an ideal choice for protection as well. With its innate protective instincts and loyal nature, the Cane Corso is well-suited to defend its owners against both dangerous animals and potentially threatening humans.

Furthermore, the breed’s remarkable tracking and apprehension skills have caught the attention of various organizations, including the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA has employed Cane Corsos to assist in tracking down and apprehending dangerous animals, such as bears and wild boars. This further highlights the breed’s remarkable abilities and adaptability in various working roles, making it an excellent choice for both hunting and protection tasks.


Cane Corso Hunting: What Makes This Breed a Natural Born Tracker?

Indeed, the Cane Corso’s temperament is one of its most remarkable traits. This breed is known for being loyal, intelligent, and tenacious, which makes it an excellent companion for various tasks, including hunting and protection.

The Cane Corso’s strong desire to please its master contributes to its ease of training, allowing it to quickly grasp and follow commands. This trait is particularly advantageous for tasks that require discipline and responsiveness, such as hunting and protection duties.

The breed’s alertness and wariness towards strangers further enhance its suitability as a protector. The Cane Corso’s natural inclination to be watchful and cautious of unfamiliar individuals makes it an effective deterrent to potential threats, which can be invaluable in safeguarding both its owners and their property.

For hunting purposes, a dog with this type of temperament is highly desirable. The Cane Corso’s alertness and willingness to be protective serve as essential qualities when tracking and confronting game during hunting activities.

Cane Corso Endurance

Absolutely, the Cane Corso’s endurance is one of its significant advantages as a hunting dog. This powerful breed can cover substantial distances while hunting, and their stamina allows them to remain active and alert in the field for extended periods of time.

The combination of their size and strength makes the Cane Corso an excellent choice for hunting tasks that require physical prowess. They have the capacity to take on challenging terrains and pursue game with determination.

The breed’s temperament further contributes to their suitability as a hunting dog. Their strong drive to please their master enhances their trainability and cooperation during hunting activities, making them more efficient in fulfilling their role.

If you’re seeking a breed with high energy levels, the Cane Corso fits the bill perfectly. Their ample strength and endurance make them well-equipped to handle the demands of hunting and ensure they can sustain their efforts over extended periods.

Cane Corso Trainability

Cane Corso Hunting: What Makes This Breed a Natural Born Tracker?

The Cane Corso’s trainability is indeed one of its outstanding qualities. This intelligent breed is quick to learn and eager to please, making the training process relatively easy and rewarding.

When it comes to hunting, the Cane Corso can be exceptionally successful with the right training. Their combination of size, strength, and temperament makes them well-suited for this specific type of work. With proper guidance and instruction, they can become excellent hunting dogs, effectively fulfilling their roles in tracking and retrieving game.

While the Cane Corso’s capabilities make them an ideal choice for hunting, it’s essential to consider the cost associated with acquiring one. These dogs can be quite expensive, depending on the source and breeder. However, for those looking to save money, adoption or rescue can be viable options to give a deserving Cane Corso a loving home and a chance to showcase its remarkable abilities.

How to Train a Cane Corso to Hunt: A Step-by-Step Process

Cane Corso Hunting: What Makes This Breed a Natural Born Tracker?

  1.  Introduce Them to Hunting Gear

Gradually introduce your Cane Corso to hunting gear such as hunting vests, collars, and leashes. Allow them to get used to wearing these items before heading out to hunt. This will prevent any distractions or discomfort during the actual hunting session.

  • Familiarize Them with Gunfire

Hunting often involves gunshots, so it’s crucial to accustom your Cane Corso to loud noises like gunfire. Start by exposing them to the sound of blanks or recordings of gunshots at a distance. Gradually decrease the distance and increase the intensity of the sounds as they become more comfortable.

  • Practice Tracking and Retrieving

Begin with simple tracking exercises to teach your Cane Corso to follow scent trails. Use treats or toys as rewards when they successfully locate the target. As they improve, progress to more challenging trails and introduce hunting scents to simulate real hunting situations.

  • Train for Steadiness

Steadiness is crucial for a hunting dog. Teach your Cane Corso to remain calm and focused during the hunt, even when faced with distractions. Practice having them hold a position until given a release command.

  • Work on Water Retrieving

If your hunting activities involve waterfowl, ensure your Cane Corso is comfortable with water retrieving. Start with shallow water and gradually increase the depth as they gain confidence. Reward them for successful retrieves in water.

  • Practice with a Mentor

Consider working with an experienced hunting dog or a professional trainer to provide guidance and improve your Cane Corso’s hunting skills. Their expertise can be invaluable in fine-tuning your dog’s abilities and techniques.

  • Gradual Field Introduction

When you feel confident in your Cane Corso’s abilities, gradually introduce them to hunting in the field. Start with controlled scenarios and short hunting sessions. Keep a close eye on their behavior and continue reinforcing positive training techniques.


Absolutely, the Cane Corso’s combination of size, strength, intelligence, and loyal temperament makes it well-suited for hunting activities. Although it might not be the most commonly thought of breed for hunting, it possesses the necessary qualities to excel in this role.

With proper training and guidance, the Cane Corso can become a skilled hunting companion, capable of tracking and retrieving game effectively. Its endurance, alertness, and desire to please its owner further enhance its hunting abilities.

Whether it’s hunting large game, assisting with pest control, or even tracking down dangerous animals, the Cane Corso’s versatility and adaptability as a hunting dog make it a valuable choice for those seeking a dedicated and capable partner in their hunting endeavors.

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