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Why Does My Cane Corso Have Eye Boogers?

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As a proud owner of a Cane Corso dog, you adore the strength, loyalty, and intelligence of these magnificent creatures. However, one issue that might take some of the joy out of your life with a Cane Corso is the unappealing tendency for them to develop eye discharge, commonly referred to as “eye boogers.” If you’re wondering why your beloved pup is experiencing this issue and what you can do about it, you’re in the right place! This detailed article will explore the causes and treatments of Cane Corso’s eye boogers.

What are Eye Boogers in Cane Corso Dogs?

Eye discharge is a common phenomenon in Cane Corso breed dogs. Eye discharge or “eye boogers” refers to fluid or mucus buildup that comes from the tear ducts or the lining of the eye. Normal eye discharge is clear and odorless.

Excessive eye discharge in Cane Corso dogs can indicate an underlying health problem. If you notice excessive discharge or a change in your dog’s normal eye discharge color or consistency, it’s essential to take your dog to the vet for a complete examination.

Causes of Eye Discharge in Cane Corsos

There are several reasons why Cane Corso dogs develop eye discharge. Some of the most common causes include:

1. Allergic Reactions – Your dog’s eyes may be sensitive to things in the environment like dust, pollen, or mold. Allergies such as these can often lead to watery eyes and an increase in mucus production.

2. Bacterial or Viral Infection – Cane Corso dogs may be exposed to bacterial or viral infections that cause an increase in eye discharge.

3. Irritants – Cane Corsos may have an allergic reaction to products such as shampoos, soaps, or cleaning products that come into contact with their eyes.

4. Conjunctivitis – Conjunctivitis or pink eye is a common eye condition in Cane Corsos. Conjunctivitis can cause bright redness in the blood vessels of the eye and discharge.

5. Epiphora – This is a medical condition in which there is an overproduction of tears or obstruction of tear drainage. Epiphora can cause the accumulation of mucus and debris, which can lead to eye discharge.

6. Entropion – This is a genetic condition in Cane Corso dogs where the eyelid rolls towards the eyeball. Entropion leads to constant irritation of the cornea, which can lead to eye discharge.

Treatments for Eye Discharge in Cane Corsos

Treating eye discharge in your Cane Corso dog requires determining the underlying cause first. Treatment will then depend on the diagnosis. In cases, whereby a bacterial infection is present, or the eye discharge is caused by allergic reactions or conjunctivitis, eye ointments or eye drops containing antibiotics or anti-inflammatory agents may be prescribed.

1. Diluted Saline Solution – In cases where allergies, irritants, or debris cause eye discharge, cleaning the eye with a diluted saline solution can help to remove these particles from the eye’s surface. A few drops of saline solution should be applied to the eye, and a cotton ball or a soft cloth can be used to gently wipe the discharge away.

2. Warm Compresses – Warm compresses can be applied to the Cane Corso dog’s eye to help soothe and soften any crust that may have formed around the eye. A warm, moist cloth or cotton pad should be applied to the eye, and slight pressure should be placed on the eye to help loosen the debris.

3. Surgical Intervention – In severe cases of epiphora or entropion, surgical intervention may be necessary. Entropion can be corrected by a surgical procedure that adjusts the eyelid’s position, thereby preventing it from rubbing against the eye. Epiphora, on the other hand, may require a minor surgery to correct any obstruction of the tear ducts.

Prevention Measures

Preventing eye discharge issues in Cane Corso dogs is possible. Here’s what you can do to help prevent this problem:

1. Regular Grooming – This includes wiping the face with a damp cloth that is free of irritants (such as perfumes or harsh detergents) to remove any debris or dirt from the Cane Corso dog’s face.

2. Avoid Excessive Chemical Use – Avoid exposing your dog’s eyes to excessive chemical substances such as shampoos, soaps, or cleaning agents.

3. Healthy Nutrition – A healthy diet is critical for your Cane Corso dog. Besides providing your dog with proper nutrition, it can help prevent conditions that may lead to eye discharge, such as allergies.

4. Regular Veterinarian Check-ups – Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to maintaining your Cane Corso dog’s health. Any potential health concerns will be caught early, and preventive measures taken to prevent the occurrence of underlying conditions which contribute to eye discharge.


Eye discharge is a common problem in Cane Corso breed dogs. However, by understanding the potential causes and appropriate treatments, you can be proactive in ensuring your Cane Corso dog’s good health.

If your dog is experiencing excessive eye discharge or unusual eye discharge that persists for many days despite treatment, taking your dog to the veterinarian for an evaluation is the best course of action. Your vet will examine your Cane Corso dog’s eyes and work with you to diagnose any underlying conditions that might be causing the discharge. Treatment can then be initiated to prevent the consequences of untreated eye discharge.

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