Border Collie Cane Corso Mix

border collie cane corso mix
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Cane Corso Border Collie Mix is a breed resulting from the crossbreeding of a Cane Corso and a Border Collie. This breed is a relatively new hybrid, but it’s quickly gaining popularity with dog owners. The Cane Corso/Border Collie Mix is a relatively large dog that is highly intelligent, athletic, and loyal. In this article, we will take a look at this unique breed, examining their physical traits, temperament, and health issues to help you decide if they are the right dog for you.

Physical Appearance

border collie cane corso mix

The Cane Corso Border Collie Mix can inherit different physical traits from their parents. Typically, they can be medium to large in size and weigh an average of 70-100 pounds. They usually have a muscular build and can have either a medium to long coat, depending on the dominant parent. The colour of the coat can vary widely, with the most common colours being black, white, brown, and brindle.


The Cane Corso Border Collie Mix is known for being highly intelligent, making them trainable and obedient. They are also a loyal breed that thrives on attention and human interaction. This makes them excellent companions, as they are devoted to their owners and will fiercely protect them.

This breed is highly active and enjoys plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. They do best in homes with large yards or access to open spaces, as they need room to run and play. Border Collies are known for their intense herding instincts, and this trait can be passed on to the mix. As a result, early socialization and training are essential to teach proper behaviour. Read more here about cane corso poodle mix.

Overall, the Cane Corso Border Collie Mix is a friendly and loyal breed that requires firm but gentle training to bring out its full potential as a happy, healthy companion.

Health Issues

Cane corso border collie mix

Like all dog breeds, the Cane Corso Border Collie Mix can be prone to some health issues. Here are a few common concerns to watch for:

Hip Dysplasia: This is a common issue that can affect medium to large-breed dogs. Hip dysplasia is an inherited condition where the hip joints do not develop correctly, leading to arthritis and pain. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent this issue.

Bloat: Bloat is a potentially life-threatening condition where the stomach of the dog twists, trapping gas and preventing the dog from vomiting or belching. This can lead to reduced blood flow, causing organs to die. To reduce the risk of bloat, limit exercise one hour before or two hours after meals, and feed small meals throughout the day instead of one large meal.

Eye Issues: Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) is a genetic condition that affects the Border Collie breed. This disease can lead to vision loss, and the Cane Corso Border Collie mix may be at risk if they inherit this issue.

Training and Exercise

The Cane Corso Border Collie Mix is an intelligent and active breed, which means they require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks and playtime outside are essential for this breed, as they have a lot of energy to burn. They also enjoy games like fetch, agility training, and obedience training, which help keep them mentally stimulated and engaged.

Training should start early and should be focused on positive reinforcement techniques, which include rewards for good behavior rather than punishment for bad behaviour. These methods are especially effective with the Cane Corso Border Collie Mix, which loves to please its owners, and enjoys learning new tricks and commands that display its intelligence.

Socialization is also important when it comes to training. This breed is generally friendly and loves human company, but can sometimes display territorial behaviour. Exposing them to other people and dogs from an early age can help socialize them to different environments, leading to a well-adjusted and obedient pet.

Border Collie Cane Corso Mix Grooming

The Cane Corso Border Collie Mix’s coat needs regular brushing to prevent matting and remove loose or dead hairs. The exact frequency of brushing depends on the length and thickness of their coat, but typically once a week is sufficient. Daily brushing may be needed during shedding season to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Bathing should also be done regularly, but not too often as it can strip the coat of natural oils. This breed’s ears should be checked weekly for any signs of infection, and their teeth should be brushed at least a few times a week to prevent dental problems.

Final Thoughts

The Cane Corso Border Collie Mix is a unique breed that combines the athleticism of the Border Collie with the protective nature of the Cane Corso. As with any dog, potential owners should carefully consider their individual needs and lifestyle before choosing a pet. However, this breed’s intelligent and loyal nature makes them an excellent companion for active families with plenty of time for training and exercise. With proper care and attention, the Cane Corso Border Collie Mix can become a loving and loyal addition to any home.


The Cane Corso Border Collie Mix is a great choice for owners looking for a loyal and active companion with a lot of personalities. This breed is friendly and protective, making them excellent family pets, and they thrive on human attention and exercise. Regular training, exercise, and grooming are essential to keep them healthy and happy, but with proper care, this breed can bring years of joy to its owners.


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