Top 9 Exercises For Your Cane Corso

9 Exercises For Cane Corso To Keep Him Healthy And Fit
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Exercising your Cane Corso is just as important as giving them the best foods and taking good care of them. You want to make sure that they’re healthy and happy. So, if you’re looking for some activities to get your dog excited and in shape, we’ve come up with a list of exercises to try out:

1. The Buddy System

This activity is great because it helps create a healthy relationship between you and your pet. With this exercise, you can bond with your friends or family while working with your dog at the same time!

To do the buddy system, all you need is one person on each end of the leash (with their dogs) and someone taking pictures/video in the middle.

To get the dogs to pay attention, you can ask them to sit in front of you or walk in a straight line with everyone. You can also try doing this activity right after feeding your pet (when they’re most excited) and when taking them for walks around the neighborhood.

2. Nose Work

9 Exercises For Cane Corso To Keep Him Healthy And Fit

With this exercise, all you need is some treats and an open space where you can hide treats around the house for your dog to find. All breeds are capable of learning how to do this activity so if your pup enjoys sniffing things out, then he/she will love it! Make sure that everything has been cleaned before starting because smellier foods might attract your pet more.

3. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek this is a popular activity because it encourages your pet to use its brain. It can be played with you or another person and all you need for this one is a treat, a willing partner, and an open space. To get started, have your dog sit in front of the hiding spot while the other person calls him over to give him the treat. Then, switch places with your pet so he/she knows how it’s done. You can keep doing that until they get sick of it or tell them that “it’s time to find [Bully Sticks]” and let them do their magic!

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4. Catch Me If You Can

9 Exercises For Cane Corso To Keep Him Healthy And Fit

This exercise gives your pup some quality time while exercising his/her mind and body. To do this, sneak around the house with treats in your hand until you catch him/her off-guard. When they’re not looking, drop the treat on the ground and wait for them to find it (or make it easier by putting it somewhere near where they’d go).

5. Hide From Me

This is similar to hide and seek except you’re hiding instead of seeking. This one requires some stealth so that your dog can’t hear or see you coming! Sneak up behind him/her very quietly, then gently tap their back to give them a scare. As soon as they turn around, show them a treat and act like nothing! Then, try again!

6. Smell Training

This is a less-active game that gets your dog’s brain thinking (and it’s great for puppies). With this, all you need to do is give them treats and show them the bin where they go. Then, mix the smelly ones with the non-smelly ones and let them figure out which is which! For an older dog, you can say “find the stinky one(s)” or something similar so they know what to look for.

7. Catch Me If You Can… On Wheels!

Similar to catch me if you can except this time your pet will be chasing after their favorite toy on wheels! This one is perfect for dogs who love to run and play fetch. It’s also easy because all you need for this activity is a remote-controlled car (or something similar) and their favorite toy!

8. Tug of War

This exercise is not recommended if your dog isn’t big on playing tug of war or they’ve never played before. This game gets your Cane Corso excited by getting them into the mood to play with their most favorite toy! To do this, grab one end of the rope/toy while facing your pet with the other end in hand. Then, let them grab it and show them that you won’t let go until they give it back so they know what they need to do.

9. Chase Me!

9 Exercises For Cane Corso To Keep Him Healthy And Fit

This is a fun game for your pup because it gives them some quality exercise and encourages their mind to figure out what to do next in order not to lose you in the house (which, in turn, gets them excited and wanting more). It’s similar to Hide From Me except this one requires you to come out of hiding. When they finally find you, encourage them with treats and petting so that they know they’ve done a good job! Then, repeat the process over again!

Conclusion: It’s important to make sure your dog is healthy and happy, so if you want to get them in shape with some fun exercises, we’ve put together a list of activities for you. Your Cane Corso deserves the best life possible! Which types of exercise have worked well for your pup?

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