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Top 6 Common Myths About Cane Corso

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There’s a lot of myths about Cane Corso dogs, and we’re here to set the record straight. While these dogs are certainly impressive, they’re not always as tough as people think. In fact, Cane Corso can be sweet and gentle animals if properly trained and socialized. So if you’re considering adding one of these dogs to your family, here are six things you need to know.

6  Myths about Cane Corso Dogs You Should Stop Believing


1) Myth: Cane Corsos will always be large dogs

6 Myths About Cane Corso Dogs - Learning The Truth!

Fact: This popular myth can lead to prospective “Corso” being turned away even when they are healthy. While this myth has been around for decades, the truth is that excellent breeding practices have pushed the average weight of Cane Corso down quite a bit! It’s true that any dog could potentially end up with an oversized drive, but with proper care and diet, keeping them slimmed down can be easily accomplished. This is especially true with owners who are willing to put in the extra time and effort on their dogs’ diets.

2) Myth: Cane Corsos are automatically aggressive

6 Myths About Cane Corso Dogs - Learning The Truth!

Fact: Like many large breeds, Cane Corso are often seen as fierce guard dogs. But the truth is that every dog has different protective instincts, including those of a Cane Corso. Many people have found that their “Corsos” are actually quite gentle creatures—which isn’t surprising considering how many legends there are about this breed’s loyalty. With proper socialization, it can be easy for any dog to overcome these ideas about aggression.

3) Myth: All Cane Corsos have cropped ears

6 Myths About Cane Corso Dogs - Learning The Truth!

Fact: The idea of a “typical” cane corso is changing. While the description for this breed always mentioned cropped ears, modern breeders are beginning to disregard that part of their standard. Instead, they’re focusing more on preserving the natural look and feel for this breed—and it’s certainly paid off! The average Cane Corso today has uncropped ears (which makes them easier to care for) and can often come in many different colors.

4) Myth: Cane Corso shed excessively

6 Myths About Cane Corso Dogs - Learning The Truth!

Fact: This myth may have originated due to older versions of the breed coming over from Europe; however, with proper grooming comes great results! Since Cane Corso don’t shed as much as other breeds, it is easy to keep up with their fur and even give them a quick brush every morning.

5) Myth: Cane Corsos are not good family dogs

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, Cane Corso can be great family pets as long as they’re properly trained. With that said, it should be noted that this breed does require strict obedience training from the very beginning—and an owner who will understand what this breed needs. Cane Corso were bred for protection after all, which means they’ll need to know where they stand in terms of position within the “pack.” Keeping these facts in mind, cane Corso can do well with children after getting to know them.

6) Myth: Cane Corsos are only good for guarding dogs

Fact: This breed has been traditionally used as a guard dog, but not in the traditional sense! Rather than being an aggressive dog who guards its owner against threats, this breed is more likely to be the “strong and silent” type—more of a protector by nature when it comes to their family dynamic. Keeping this in mind, Cane Corso do well with children and can easily fit into families with other pets. They’re even known for getting along nicely with the cats they’re raised with!

Conclusion: The Cane Corso are a gentle breed that can be great for families. If you’re considering adding this dog to your family, make sure you educate yourself on the six myths we’ve debunked in this blog post and talk with a reputable breeder about what it takes to train and socialize these dogs. With the right trainer by their side, cane Corso can become an excellent addition to any household!

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