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50 Dog Tricks For Cane Corso Puppies

50 Dog Tricks For Cane Corso Puppies
Written by rajiv

Looking for a way to bond with your Cane Corso puppy while having fun? Teaching them tricks is the perfect way to do just that. These loyal and intelligent dogs can be trained to do almost anything, and teaching them new tricks will help with their mental stimulation, physical exercise and reinforce your bond with your furry friend.

In this article, we’re going to show you 50 dog tricks that you can teach your Cane Corso puppy. Let’s get started!

1. Sit

50 Dog Tricks For Cane Corso Puppies


This is one of the basic tricks to teach any dog. Begin by standing in front of your puppy, holding a treat in front of their nose. Move the treat up, and your Cane Corso will naturally sit down in order to keep their eyes on the prize. Once they’ve sat, reward them with the treat and lots of verbal praise.

2. Stay

This trick is great for your dog’s safety. To start, make your dog sit, and then put your hand out in front of them, and say “stay.” After a few seconds, reward them with a treat for staying put.

3. Lay down

This trick is similar to sitting, except this time, you’re asking your puppy to lie flat on the ground. Begin by making them sit, then hold a treat in between their paws and slowly move it to the ground. This will encourage them to lay down. Once they’ve done so, reward them with treats.

4. Come

50 Dog Tricks For Cane Corso Puppies

This trick is an important one, especially if your puppy likes to wander around. Getting them to come to you on command can be lifesaving in certain situations. To train this trick, call out your puppy’s name and encourage them to come over to you with a treat or toy. Once they come to you, reward them with a treat and praise.

5. Shake

Cane Corsos are excellent for this trick because they have strong front paws. To teach them shake, stand in front of your dog and say “shake.” Lift their paw and reward them with treats for doing so.

6. High five

Similar to teaching shake, teaching high-five involves holding up your hand and leading them into hitting it with their paw. Reward them with treats each time they succeed.

7. Spin

Teaching your Cane Corso to spin around can be a tricky task. The trick here is to encourage them to follow a treat with their nose while moving in circles. Eventually, they will catch on and spin around without the use of the treat.

8. Rollover

This trick is the ultimate dog trick and is best taught after mastering the lay down command. First, have them lay down, then hold a treat near their nose, and guide it around their body. In order to get to it, they will need to roll over, and once they do, reward them with treats.

9. Sit up

50 Dog Tricks For Cane Corso Puppies

This trick requires your Cane Corso to sit upright while holding their front legs up. Start by luring them to sit, with normally giving the treat, then, move the treat in an upward motion, this encourages your puppy, to hold their front paws up and sit up to get the treat. Reward them with treats after each successful sit up.

10. Begging

After learning how to sit up, encourage your Cane Corso to put their front legs in the air, and you can take a step back, to make them stand up on their hind legs, and then put their front paws up, in a begging pose. Reward them with treats.

11. Speak

Encourage your Cane Corso to bark, once they start barking, reward them, repeat this in various situations until they learn to associate your command with their action.

12. Be quiet

Your doggo will learn the importance of being still and quiet in certain instances through this trick. Once they bark, or stop barking on cue with the speak command, give a cue like ‘be quiet’ and reward them as they fall quiet, and repeat this in different situations.

13. Find it

This is a fun game that involves hiding treats and encouraging your Cane Corso to find them. By tapping on the floor or hiding treats in plain sight, say the find it command to get them to search and find the treats.

14. Fetch

Teach your puppy to retrieve a toy or ball, once they do so, reward them with treats or verbal praises.

15. Drop it

Instruct your dog to drop the ball or the toy they fetched, once they do it is important to reward them.

16. Roll over

Teach your puppy to roll over while holding a treat near their nose and moving it around their body.

17. Back up

Encourage your Cane Corso to move backward by standing in front of them and pushing them backward gently. Reward them once they step back.

18. Crawl

Similar to teaching Lay Down command, move the treat in a crawling motion along the floor, encouraging your puppy to crawl forward towards the treat, and reward them each time they do so.

19. Play dead

This trick requires your pooch to act as if they are dead when commanded to do so. Begin by having them lay down, then gently coax them onto their side until they lay on their back, and reward them as they comply.

20. Wave

Have your puppy sit and say “wave.” Lift up their paw front paw and wave it for them, and voice out the wave command each time you lift it. Reward them each time they wave their paw after the command.

21. Target

This trick involves teaching your puppy to touch their nose to a chosen target like a ball, towel, door, or ring. Once they do so, reward them with treats.

22. Spin left or right

Distinguish spin left or right by giving your Cane Corso the spin command, say the term left or right to indicate the direction you want them to spin. Reward them as they spin in the correct direction.

23. Turn around

Start moving backward and encouraging your pooch to turn around in a circle, repeat it until they get the trick and reward them for doing so.

24. Paw target

Use a separate paw target (such as a piece of paper or shadow) to encourage your pooch to touch it.

25. Up and down

Use a small bench to teach your pooch to go up on it and then come down.

26. Jump through a hoop

Set up a hoop and once your Cane Corso gets the hang of jumping through it, reward them with treats.

27. Take a bow

Draw your puppy’s attention to a low treat, and once they bend down to meet it, reward them accordingly.

28. Hush

Use the “hush” command to stop your pooch from barking or making noises and reward them as they fall quiet.

29. Leave it

This command is important when it comes to keeping your pooch safe. It enables them to stop going after something after you say “leave it.”

30. Bark quietly

Use the command “speak softly” to encourage your pooch to bark quietly, and reward them as they comply.

31. Say grace

If you’re looking for something uncommon, you can teach your pooch to pray before eating by using a paw target or just raising their paws.

32. Take a nap

Encourage your pooch to lay down and wrap themselves up in a blanket or sheet, and then reward them as they remain still.

33. Chin

Teach your puppy to rest their chin on a designated spot.

34. Go to bed

Ask your pooch to go to their bed or crate on command, even if they are not sleepy.

35. Clap

Use the “clap” command to encourage them to clap their paws together.

36. Front cross

Encourage your puppy to cross their front paws while sitting.

37. Head down

Encourage your pooch to put their head down while standing, sitting or lying down.

38. Side-step

Encourage your pooch to side-step in a particular direction, and reward them with treats.

39. Weave through your legs

Use your legs as an obstacle course and encourage your pooch to run around them in a playful manner.

40. Jump over a hurdle

Using a small hurdle, teach your pooch to leap over it and reward them when they get it right.

41. Skateboard

If you have a skateboard, reward your pooch for jumping on top and moving around.

42. Talk on the phone

Teach your pooch to hold a toy and place the phone over the toy’s mouth. Once they do it, reward them accordingly.

43. Balance a treat

Place a treat on your puppy’s nose and teach them to hold it there without dropping it. Reward them accordingly.

44. Play hide and seek

Hide in a certain location and encourage your pooch to find you. Reward them once they do.

45. Take a shower

Encourage your pooch to enter running water, and reward them every time they manage to do so.

46. Go around an object

The object can be anything from a cone to a blanket. Encourage your pooch to run around it and then reward them once they make it.

47. Follow directions

Teach your pooch to follow your hand command in multiple contexts, such as walking or even rolling over, and always reward them for following the command.

48. Dance

Teach your Cane Corso to move their body to the beat of music.

49. Take a bow

Encourage your pooch to lower their body while on all fours, and then reward them as they comply.

50. Do whatever makes you happy

You know your pooch better than anyone, do whatever makes them happy, and you’ll be rewarded with tons of love and loyalty.


Teaching your Cane Corso puppy tricks is an amazing way to bond with them and keep them mentally stimulated. As you teach them, make sure to stay patient, use treats, and lavish them with verbal praise. Always remember that when it comes to training your canine friend, practice makes perfect. So, set aside some time each day to practice these tricks, and before you know it, they’ll be performing amazing feats that will leave you amazed.

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